As a global company, Vaughan Benz partners with outstanding manufacturers in Mexico, China, and Southeast Asia to offer its clients the best quality at competitive prices. To ensure the high standards of the Vaughan Benz brand name, our Asia teams include full time quality control and engineers working inside the factories employed directly by Vaughan Benz.  Our Vaughan Benz Trading (Shanghai) Ltd. office staff supervises and monitors production at outstanding state-of-the-art partner factories in China, and Vaughan Benz’s quality control managers and engineers based in Surabaya, Indonesia and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam oversee our production in Southeast Asia. Vaughan Benz has partnered with an outstanding factory in Guadalajara, Mexico to provide Made in North America guestroom furniture at competitive prices. With many of the materials sourced in the USA, the furniture is fabricated in Mexico under the direct supervision of Vaughan Benz personnel to ensure our high quality standards. Under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), furniture manufactured in the Guadalajara factory is duty-free, and transportation via ground from the factory to the U.S. border takes only 11 hours.